trumbulumbu asked:

I know this is not the right channel to ask this, but I can't think of any other... I've been a fan of ''itswalky/shortpacked'' for a handful of years now. A few months ago you posted a comic which had 4 virtually-identical panels with a single line of dialogue ( id=2074). My natural response was to comment "You can do better than this Willis, lazy comic is lazy", which got me auto-banned. Do you think that's even remotely fair? Wasn't it a little bit disproportionate? :/

itswalky answered:

No, that’s not disproportionate.  That was you being an asshole.  Why would I want someone around who tells me I’m lazy whenever my free comic isn’t up to their particular standards?  I have every right to keep my own website free of toxic attitudes towards myself as a human being.  


I want to high five David so hard right now.